Pedro Rodriguez

PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence, Data Scientist, Snow Geek


Pedro Rodriguez is a 2nd year PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder advised by Jordan Boyd-Graber. He is also the Team Captain of the Colorado Data Science Team, a student lead organization that provides opportunities for students to practice applied data science at CU Boulder, helps government and non-profit entities with scare resources make best use of their data, and connect students and graduates with data science internships and job opportunities in the Boulder/Denver area.

His general research interests include large-scale machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP). His current research is in the area of Question Answering which seeks to build systems that automatically answer questions posed by humans in a natural language. This is primarily done through developing an AI (QANTA) that can play Quiz Bowl, a popular trivia game amongst school-aged and college students. This research is primarily funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant with additional funding from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) research grant.

Pedro earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at University of California at Berkeley in December 2015. During his undergraduate degree he was a research assistant in the Depeartment of Astronomy at the Center for Time Domain Informatics, and in the Berkeley AMPLab. Before starting his PhD, he worked at Trulia as a Data Scientist where he worked on several projects which are now all in production at His projects included crowdsourcing with Amazon Mechanical Turk, architecting and building a production web api systems with Docker/Swagger/Jenkins/Django, and click through rate prediction at scale using Apache Spark. In the summer of 2016 he worked at Oracle Data Cloud as a research intern architecting and developing next-generation architecture for data science at scale using Apache Spark, Zeppelin, Mesos, Packer, Terraform, and other tools.

Pedro is currently looking for research based internships for summer 2017. To contact Pedro for PhD research internships, contract work, or something else send an email. For more on his experience, his resume is below.

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